Cloud Computing and DevOps can’t fix bad decisions

Linus Torvalds takes gmail team to task for being to aggressive in marking threads as spam (including many Linux kernel patch submissions). Oops.

All problems are not DevOps problems. “The cloud” does not make all problems go away. Sometimes we loose perspective…


Github: alt.sources.* rides again, on steroids.

It’s back to he days of alt.sources.*.   With the advent of github, I seem to be building my favorite tools  from sources again most of the time.   They work better, faster with no waiting on packagers or vendors.

For something I was working on, I wound up having to clone part of a git tree into a new repository, which turned out to be surprisingly hard. This helped:

But it lead to  pulling the source for for git itself to have git-subtree work

and I’ve already decided that building  with the demise of Damien Cassou’s emacs snapshots, the best route is to build emacs from the latest sources, and for various reasons the same goes for org-mode

Things seem to have come full circle.   Back before RPM and apt-get we used to pull the latest source out of the local alt.sources.* Usenet archives and build everything (to this day I have a ~/src/ or ~/build/ directory on many  systems, but it’s migrating to ~/git/${GITHUB_USERNAME}/package

I think I’ve outlived the dominance of Microsoft

I no longer fire up Word (or Excel or … *gack* Powerpoint) on any kind of regular basis. Not even the Mac versions that I’ve had around “just in case”. Haven’t ever run Windows as a primary OS. Linux is on my Android, BSD/Mach is on Apple devices, and Lord (and the sysadmins and Netcraft) only know what’s running on web servers …. also see this graphic of the Usage Share of Web Browsers. I wonder what the Road Ahead will look like now ?

Its the code that counts

Probably not going to get anything informative, witty or personal out
today or tomorrow. So, here’s this. It’s the code that counts.

#+BEGIN_SRC python :results output  

  from localHolidayPreferences import defaultAdgective, defaultNoun
  defaultAdjective = "Merry"
  defaultNoun = "Christmas"

print "%s %s" % (defaultAdjective, defaultNoun)

: Merry Christmas

Marc Andreessen on Why Software Is Eating the World – WSJ

Food for thought indeed.

I got to this from an idle google search for “How many people program”.  Which lead me to a repost of this article by Bastian Geary, maintainer of my favorite personal productivity software (hint, its text based).

It is indeed a good time to be involved in software development.  I think the rise of github and stackoverflow  have come largely after Anderssen’s article.  As someone with over 30 years writing software, it is now hard for me to imagine life without either.

(And for those living under a rock, Anderssen wrote the first popular web browser).