Of the Cubs, Politics and Religeon

Where is your hope? What’s true? Why do people get upset about
politics? Because their hope is that the “right” candidate will win
and that victory will somehow make their life (country, world…)
better. But that hope is uncertain and for many given, the current
state of the US presidential election process, demonstrably false.

So what do you do with false hopes? Despair? Emulate Chicago Cubs
fans and hope in spite of 116 consecutive years of failure? I think we
can learn from the Cubs fans (and people who play the lottery). They
can live well adjusted lives and not be overcome by anger or despair
because they know that in the end the awful truth (which the numbers
tell them) does not really matter. They have jobs, families and
friends where the truth is (maybe) not as awful as the Cubs record and
hope may not be as misplaced.

But what if the hope is misplaced? What if we are guaranteed to have
a political candidate (and election winner) we can’t stand? Or if your
financial situation, family or health fall apart? Rome fell. We each
get 80 years or so if we are ?un?lucky. I’m 54 now.

I know where I’m putting my hope, and it’s not in the political
system, this country or even in this life (or the Cincinnati Reds,
*sigh*). “Christ is risen”, “He is risen indeed”.



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