I think I’ve outlived the dominance of Microsoft

I no longer fire up Word (or Excel or … *gack* Powerpoint) on any kind of regular basis. Not even the Mac versions that I’ve had around “just in case”. Haven’t ever run Windows as a primary OS. Linux is on my Android, BSD/Mach is on Apple devices, and Lord (and the sysadmins and Netcraft) only know what’s running on web servers …. also see this graphic of the Usage Share of Web Browsers. I wonder what the Road Ahead will look like now ?


2 thoughts on “I think I’ve outlived the dominance of Microsoft

  1. George, I actually see a division. Those that use computers to build infrastructure and those that use systems to get other work done. When I look at Chromebook Pixel or Windows 10 with a mandatory secure boot, these devices are used to help people that are not building back ends. When you are building infrastructure, Linux/BSD is the direction to go.
    P.S. Based on the work that I have been doing, I moved my home machine to Win 10 from Ubuntu. I just don’t build infrastructure much. I know that if I do, I will just use the free tier of AWS.

  2. You’re forgetting the fastest growing segment (opinion) of computer users: those who don’t know and don’t care that they are using computers, smart phones, tablets, being the primary example. There to, the “I think I’ve outlived the dominance of MicroSoft, see the graphic in this article showing global smart phone OS market share. http://sourcedigit.com/1913-smartphone-os-global-market-share-data-2014/

    Surface anyone? I thinkSubsurface https://github.com/torvalds/subsurface may have a longer life….

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